Welcome to On The Write Road!

This blog will be discussing all aspects of Kindle or at least ebook publishing.  Below are the titles that I have either published or will be publishing in the near future.

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Henrietta Hamster’s Big Adventure was the first book I created, then came Ollie Otter’s Day at the Beach, and I am getting ready to publish Ginger and the Bully this week!

There is also a  Laugh and Learn Series, which are children’s activity e books, each one with different animals in their habitat, and with jokes, riddles, mazes, tongue twister’s, silly poems, hidden animals and more!When I was a child, my favorite types of books were activity books. Yes, I loved reading stories, as I still do, but books like Rupert were total magic to me! A story, a poem, games, great illustrations!  How could a child go wrong or want more?  So that is what I have tried to do with this set of books.

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